Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Shares The Best Way to Start a Clothing Resale Side Hustle

Do you love to shop? Is your finger always on the pulse of the latest trends? Do you have an eye for great looking clothes, shoes, and accessories, and find a thrill in the challenge of scouring thrift stores to scout out amazing outfits for bargain prices? If you’re got a passion for fashion and you don’t mind spending time finding the diamonds in the rough, Freedom Debt Relief reviews has found that a clothing resale side hustle might be the perfect way for you to make a little money doing something that you love! The world of online fashion sales is booming- and our team of experts here at Freedom Debt Relief reviews have compiled the best tips to help you get a slice of the pie. Here are some of our best tips for purchasing clothing for resale on sites like The Real Real, Swap, eBay, and ThreadUP.

Differentiate between damage you can repair and that you cannot. When you’re searching your local thrift and consignment stores for clothing, you will likely find that a large percentage of the items for sale are damaged in some way. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out of the game- if you find an amazing jacket with a minor tear, you can easily patch it up if you’re handy with a thread and needle. Here are some of the damages that most people can fix with a hand needle and thread:

  • Missing buttons (if a spare is sewn into the bottom of the item or you can find a match).
  • Minor tearing along the seams.
  • Small holes in the interior of bags.
  • Loose zippers and hemming.

On the contrary, here are a few damages that should cause you to put them item back, as  Freedom Debt Relief reviews has found that they are unable to be repaired:

  • Stains of any size and location.
  • Water damage to silk or cashmere.
  • Deconstructed seams.

Be brand snobby. If you’re a fashionista, you know that branding isn’t everything- unfortunately, the way that most consumers shop for fashion online Freedom Debt Relief reviews has found that when shopping online, the first thing that most shoppers look for is an appealing label. When you’re shopping, look for items that are in good condition and carry a name-brand that you recognize.

Take appealing photos. The make-or-break when it comes to selling your clothing and accessories online is the quality of the photos that you take. If you take photos on your phone when they’re wrinkled and hanging in a closet, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fetch a very high price on the online market. Once you’ve found a few gems that you’d like to sell, set aside a few hours to make sure that you have plenty of time to take some great photos. Photograph your clothing in natural lighting, and unlock your creative side with styling to help make the clothing look appealing- you might be surprised at the difference that just a few touches to accessories can make!

Freedom Debt Relief reviews knows that anyone who has a keen eye for style can make money in the clothing resale market- all it takes is a little bit of persistence. If you’re the type of person who loves a bargain almost as much as you love the hunt for fashion, consider making your next side hustle in the wonderful world of fashion!